API Logging News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Leverage the power of log data to drive operational and business decisions through Google Cloud Logging (2015-03-19) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
The log: The lifeblood of your data pipeline (2015-04-21) radar.oreilly.com
Why Elasticsearch is Suitable for Application Log Analytics (2015-04-21) java.dzone.com
Take your logs data to new places with streaming export to Cloud Pub/Sub (2015-04-30) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Newest NLog Improves Exception Logging, Adds JSON/Zip support (2015-06-18) www.infoq.com
Near Real-Time Log Streaming and Analysis with Google Cloud Platform Logentries (2015-06-22) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Making Logs Awesome - Elasticsearch in the Cloud using Docker (2015-07-08) jamesthom.as
Amazon S3 Update ? CloudTrail Integration (2015-09-02) aws.amazon.com
Building DistributedLog: Twitter?s high-performance replicated log service (2015-09-25) blog.twitter.com
Processing logs at scale using Cloud Dataflow (2015-11-24) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Cloud Audit Logs to help you with audit and compliance needs (2015-12-17) googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com
Stream any log file to Slack using curl (2015-12-22) blog.getpostman.com
Using NGINX Logging for Application Performance Monitoring (2016-01-07) www.nginx.com
A Simple Remote Logging Platform (2016-01-10) www.codeproject.com
Docker Unveils New Ecosystem Technology Partners for Log Management (2016-01-14) www.infoq.com
10 Best Practices for Log Management and Analytics (2016-01-21) dzone.com
Using Logs for Security Compliance: Part 1 (2016-01-22) blog.logentries.com
Using Filebeat to Send ElasticSearch Logs to Logsene (2016-01-25) dzone.com
How to Monitor Logs With Loggly Live Tail and Datadog (2016-01-29) dzone.com
Considering the Explosive Growth of Log Analytics (2016-02-13) dzone.com
Presentation: Logging Makes Perfect - Real-world Monitoring and Visualizations (2016-02-17) www.infoq.com
Logging Levels Demystified (2016-02-18) dzone.com
Log Analytics Tools: Open Source vs. Commercial (2016-03-02) dzone.com
Communication Logs (2016-03-04) www.infobip.com
Logging From Sonos Speakers With a Webhook (2016-03-07) dzone.com
Structured Logging (2016-03-09) dzone.com
7 Rules for Using Log Data Effectively in a Retrospective (2016-03-10) dzone.com
How to Detect and Analyze DDOS Attacks Using Log Analysis (2016-03-10) dzone.com
Logging Yourself to Death (2016-03-13) dzone.com
The Role of Log Files in Experiments (2016-03-19) dzone.com
Introducing Google Stackdriver: unified monitoring and logging for GCP and AWS (2016-03-23) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
The Role of Logs (2016-03-28) dzone.com
How to Install Log Management Cluster (2016-03-28) dzone.com
Docker Cloud: Monitoring Logging (2016-04-06) dzone.com
The Benefit of Having an Enterprise Logging Policy (2016-04-06) dzone.com
Enterprise Library Logging in Azure Database (2016-04-09) www.codeproject.com
How To Create CLI To Announce Logged On User With Speech API (tts) (2016-04-09) www.codeproject.com
Sending Amazon CloudWatch Logs to Loggly With AWS Lambda (2016-04-11) dzone.com
Sumo Logic Announces Industry?s First Machine Data Analytics Platform that Unifies Logs and Metrics Data (2016-04-12) dzone.com
Client Side Logging in JavaScript (2016-04-12) dzone.com
How to Ensure Self Describing Log Data Using Log4Net (2016-04-28) dzone.com
Integrating the Logentries Javascript Library With React (2016-05-10) dzone.com
GitHub - twitter/distributedlog: A high performance replicated log service. (2016-05-10) github.com
Raspberry Pi, Logs and Iot ? Sending Pi Log and Sensor Data to Logentries (2016-05-17) dzone.com
A Query Language for Your Logs (2016-05-18) dzone.com
How to Write Effective Logs for Remote Logging (2016-05-26) dzone.com
Benchmarking Java Logging Frameworks (2016-06-06) dzone.com
Python: How to Create an Exception Logging Decorator (2016-06-14) dzone.com
Recording File Uploads With JMeter (2016-06-21) dzone.com
Introducing the Field Guide for Docker Logging (2016-06-21) dzone.com
Announcing pricing for Google Stackdriver (2016-06-23) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Understanding G1 GC Log Format (2016-07-07) dzone.com
Four Tips for Logging Microservices (2016-07-10) dzone.com
How Audit Logs Help Confirm and Correct Security Policy (2016-07-10) dzone.com
Keep Your Code Clean While Logging (2016-07-15) dzone.com
Backup Log Checks and What They Can Tell You (2016-07-18) dzone.com
Tweet: Announcing improved audit logs experience in #Azure! Check out the new UX capabilities: https://t.co/CS5sVjdTDb (2016-07-18) twitter.com
Custom Audit Log With Spring and Hibernate (2016-07-25) dzone.com
Network Security and CMDBs: Why Graph Visualization Is Essential (2016-07-26) dzone.com
Open Source Docker Monitoring Logging (2016-07-26) dzone.com
Log Monitor: Multiple Patterns (2016-08-03) www.monitis.com
An Introduction to the Logentries Command Line Interface (2016-08-07) dzone.com
The Benefit of Having an Enterprise Logging Policy (2016-08-08) blog.logentries.com
New Feature: API Request Logs (2016-08-09) blog.backand.com
Exporting Logentries Data With Leexportpy (2016-08-09) dzone.com
Distributed Logging in the Container Era (Part 1) (2016-08-09) dzone.com
Log API for Memory Databases (2016-08-10) blog.datomic.com
Distributed Logging in the Container Era (Part 2) (2016-08-10) dzone.com
Distributed Logging in the Container Era (Part 3) (2016-08-11) dzone.com
Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics Now Generally Available (2016-08-16) dzone.com
Application Insights and Semantic Logging for Service Fabric Microservices (2016-08-16) www.medic-consulting.com
The Definitive Guide to AWS Log Analytics Using ELK: Part II (2016-08-19) dzone.com
Logging the Lights in Your Home (2016-08-22) dzone.com
The Art of Data Logging (2016-08-23) thenewstack.io
Improvements to CloudWatch Logs Dashboards (2016-08-29) aws.amazon.com
Enabling and Analyzing the Garbage Collection Log (2016-08-30) dzone.com
Stackdriver Debugger now displays application logs to better troubleshoot apps (2016-08-30) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Audit Trail Dashboard with CloudBees Jenkins Analytics (2016-09-02) www.cloudbees.com
Updated Products ? Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino / Light and temperature data-logger pack (2016-09-06) blog.adafruit.com
Using the HTTP OMS Data Collector API for real-world scenario?s?Part 2 (2016-09-07) blogs.technet.microsoft.com
Tweet: Log Search Simplifiednbsp;https://t.co/MSQJyBSrMh @Rapid7 @logentries (2016-09-07) twitter.com
Tweet: Get your work done even faster with the @Logentries REST API https://t.co/bhWNlwKHH3 #api #restapi https://t.co/tAgJ50kuZ2 (2016-09-08) twitter.com
5 Logstash Alternatives (2016-09-14) dzone.com
Audit and Log Database DML Changes in PostgreSQL With Cyan Audit (2016-09-18) dzone.com
Satcom Direct (SD) Acquires AircraftLogs, A Provider of Aviation Data Management Solutions (2016-09-20) airfax.com
Learning From 60k Customer Searches About Logging in JSON (2016-09-23) dzone.com
Rene Ritchie on Apple?s iMessage Metadata Logs (2016-09-28) www.imore.com
Logger for Log4Net (2016-10-02) www.codeproject.com
AWS Logstash Setup (2016-10-04) ctovision.com
Navigate Faster With the New Finder (2016-10-05) blog.papertrailapp.com
NetFlash: Tracking Dropbox network traffic in real-time with Elasticsearch (2016-10-06) blogs.dropbox.com
Why We Built Our Log Analytics SaaS on AWS (2016-10-10) dzone.com
Using Event and Log Data to Assure Security and Compliance (2016-10-10) dzone.com
Using Event and Log Data to Assure Security and Compliance (2016-10-11) blog.logentries.com
Logging #Mosquitto Server logs (from #RaspberryPi) to Logentries (2016-10-13) blog.logentries.com
DreamFactory 2.3.1 includes Logstash and Redshift (2016-10-17) blog.dreamfactory.com
Amazon ECS Log Analysis (Part 1) (2016-10-18) dzone.com
Keeping Your Code Clean While Logging (2016-11-03) dzone.com
CloudWatch Update ? Jump From Metrics to Associated Logs (2016-11-07) aws.amazon.com
Chop your logs with capped collections (2016-12-13) restdb.io
Log Destination IP will change December 20 (2016-12-14) blog.papertrailapp.com
Why Log Data is Important for Compliance (2017-01-09) dzone.com
Logging A Docker Environment With Portainer (Or Not) (2017-01-17) dzone.com
Google Cloud Audit Logging now available across the GCP stack (2017-01-18) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Google intros Audit Logging tool for its cloud services (2017-01-19) siliconangle.com
4 server logs you need to know to troubleshoot failed ASP.NET requests (2017-01-22) www.codeproject.com
Google Expands Audit Logging Capability to Majority of Cloud Services (2017-01-30) www.infoq.com
What is structured logging and why developers need it (2017-01-31) stackify.com
DreamFactory 2.4.2 adds logging, SAML, and Azure AD (2017-01-31) blog.dreamfactory.com
DreamFactorys Smart Logging Service (2017-02-06) blog.dreamfactory.com
Using Logs In Incident Response (2017-02-07) blog.opsgenie.com
Top 7 Log Management Cloud Tools (2017-02-13) dzone.com
Logging for Fun: Things You’d Never Thought to Log (2017-02-13) dzone.com
5 Data Storage Solutions for Better Log Management (2017-02-16) dzone.com
How to Ship Kibana Server Logs to Elasticsearch (2017-02-16) dzone.com
Splunking Microsoft Azure Network Watcher Data (2017-02-20) blogs.splunk.com
Tweet: fbacchella/LogHub https://t.co/6lB474gblj by @github (2017-02-21) twitter.com
Tweet: DreamFactory#039;s Smart Logging Service https://t.co/rTUho5rSp1 by @dfsoftwareinc https://t.co/DDLTC8NXaN (2017-02-23) twitter.com
Why Logs aren’t Enough for Security (2017-02-24) dzone.com
How Tinylog 1.2 Simplifies Your Logging (2017-03-02) dzone.com
Metrics and Tracking for Data Systems (2017-03-06) www.indix.com
Log Analysis for System Troubleshooting. (2017-03-21) blog.logentries.com
Collecting Log Analytics/OMS Data Across Subscriptions (2017-04-04) dzone.com
Docker Logging With the ELK Stack: Part I (2017-04-10) dzone.com
Tweet: #APImetrics saves you time on reporting issues that donrsquo;t appear in internal logging systems. Find out more today. https://t.co/72MZJXE1fa (2017-04-10) twitter.com
Ship your Auth0 logs to Azure Log Analytics (2017-04-13) auth0.com
Anti-DDoS Attack Protection With the ELK Stack (2017-04-20) dzone.com
Redux Logging in Production (2017-04-24) blog.logrocket.com
Advanced Git Log (2017-04-28) dzone.com
Logs For A Toilet (2017-04-29) hackaday.com
What is Structured Logging? (2017-05-01) dzone.com
Use Google Cloud Client Libraries to store files, save entities, and log data (2017-05-08) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Centralized Log Management Reduces Server Costs by 33% (2017-05-10) dzone.com
Docker Logging 101: Best Practices, Analytics Tools, Tutorials, and More (2017-05-12) stackify.com
Real (2017-05-25) medium.com
A new way to debug your data models – The Event Log (2017-05-25) blog.keen.io
Don’t Read Your Logs – Aditya Mukerjee – Medium (2017-05-27) medium.com
The Significance of Log Sources to Building Effective Intelligence (2017-05-31) blogs.cisco.com
Little Logstash Lessons: Handling Duplicates (2017-06-05) www.elastic.co
Analysing attacks on a WordPress XML (2017-06-12) blog.appsecco.com
An Overview of the Logging Ecosystem in 2017 (2017-06-29) blog.codeship.com
Understanding Performance Logs for Performance Tuning (2017-07-05) blog.loadimpact.com
Logstash 5.5.0 released (2017-07-06) www.elastic.co

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.